Assessing Integrity to Enable Authentication

报告人:Dr. David Doermann 教授





David Doermann博士是美国马里兰大学计算机学院教授、马里兰大学语言和媒体处理实验室主任、计算机科学系与电气与计算机工程系共享教授。他的小组成员的研究集中在文档、图像和视频处理相关的主题。最近,他们集中在移动应用和机器学习相关领域的应用。David在会议和期刊上发表250多篇论文,他是IEEE和IAPR的会士,也是International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition的创刊主编。他目前正在担任DARPA的项目经理,负责计算机视觉和信号处理领域项目。

(Dr. David Doermann is a faculty member in the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, the Director of the Laboratory for Language and Media Processing at the University of Maryland, College Park and an adjunct member of the graduate faculty for the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His group of researchers has focused on topics related to analysis and processing of document page images and video processing. More recently they have focused more intensely on mobile applications and the application of machine learning in these areas. David has over 250 publications in conferences and journals, is a fellow of the IEEE and IAPR, and is a founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition. He is currently on assignment as a program manager to DARPA, running programs in the areas of computer vision and signal processing.)



(Automatic Biometric Authentication has become a preferred means of authenticating users to physical spaces, information systems and personal devices. Over the past decade, physical security has evolved from human verification of badges and passwords alone, to include various biometrics such as fingerprints, iris scans, face recognition, voice authentication, and signature verification. Although many of these seem to be reliable means for access control, the ability to spoof them remains a significant threat. This talk will provide a general overview of spoofing technologies and describe some recent work on detecting change in document images. It will then discuss some of the open research areas and were we see the greatest needs to assess the integrity of these sources.)

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